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About HighTechCovers.com

Our goal is to help users of high tech electronics protect their investment by offering top quality dust, moisture and static protection, as well as being a valued resource for cleaning and maintenance information. HighTechCovers.com is the web site of Computer Dust Solutions, LLC located in Michigan's "Copper Country," which is known for its copper mining heritage.

As the founder of HighTechCovers.com, working in the wood products industry and at Michigan Tech University as a wood research scientist for the past 22 years has given me an appreciation of the need for protecting electronic equipment from the hazardous environment.

Several of those years were spent crawling in, around, and on top of materials and equipment in wood composite manufacturing facilities as a quality technician and process improvement technician. Dust is a major consideration in this type of environment, especially when it affects computers and equipment automating the process and used to monitor process variables.

The best way to protect electronics from dust and moisture (other than eliminating the problem at its source) is to isolate the equipment from the electronic hazards. Computer control rooms and cabinets keep out some of the dust, but not all. In these manufacturing facilities I often saw PCs and process control equipment covered in dust, which probably contributed to many of the electronic glitches and breakdowns that occurred so frequently.

This is where the importance if high quality antistatic barrier protection is apparent. Moisture proof antistatic vinyl repels dust while keeping other debris and moisture away from sensitive electronics.  

The silky smooth pliability and visual appearance of our covers have garnered rave reviews from home owners, service shops, manufacturing facilities and a wide variety of other business entities. We keep a wide range of sizes in stock to allow for speedy delivery of protection at an affordable price. To accommodate odd sized equipment and outdoor exposures we offer custom manufacturing with a few select rugged material options available.

We will take the time and care to ensure your transaction experience goes as smoothly as possible. After more than eight years serving the industry Computer Dust Solutions has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. More importantly, positive feedback from happy customers pours into my inbox regularly.

You can rest assured your personal and credit card information will be safe. And in the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we will give you a refund promptly and courteously. We recognize that good reputations are earned by meeting and exceeding expectations. For the long haul. We look forward to exceeding yours.



Erik Keranen, Owner 

c/o Computer Dust Solutions, LLC
21880 1st St
Hancock, MI 49930

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